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Our brands – MS Trademarks


This brand is targeting all enthusiasts of outdoor activities who want to stand out. Stylish and comfortable products featuring original design – are perfect for active and young people.

Yet, Elbrus means not only attractive products, but also an ideology embedded in the slogan: “Remember to Explore” that encourages people to discover new places, experiences and activities. All of this resulted in this brand winning out a great success and quickly spreading throughout Europe.


Sports brand offering premium products. Designed to be perfect for active people who value quality, reliability and functionality while looking for a unique design.

IQ brand is highly-regarded by enthusiasts of functional training, fitness and running. Customer trust results from advanced materials and solutions that provide comfort and safety while practising sports activities.


Brand dedicated to enthusiasts of water sports. It has been very popular among swimmers and enthusiasts of water recreation who appreciate comfort
and uniqueness. This brand attempts to provide comfortable and designer
products at an affordable price. Each subsequent collection features bright colours and pleasing design.

Aquawave offers swimsuits, swimwear and accessories, such as swimming caps, sunglasses or swimming goggles for men, women and children.


Iguana Brand appeared in 1990 in California, quickly becoming a top brand for many sport enthusiasts worldwide.

This sporting brand is famous among active people, who can’t imagine a life without sports. Iguana products combine casual style with multi-sport functionality. They are modern, long-lasting and durable and are perfect not only for snowboarding and several-day trekking but also
for everyday use.


The brand provides products targeted to children and youth. Its products are
distinguished by expressive use of colour, effective colour combinations, variety of designs and prints, as well as an excellent price-quality ratio. Durable fabrics go hand in hand with an attention to detail and functional solutions offering young customers comfort.

Bejo attaches importance to safety of children through the use of specifically chosen components.


Created by MS Trademarks, this brand is becoming more and more popular among enthusiasts of rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, or skates. It is chosen by active people who think that sport can’t go without good fun and vice versa. This brand combines high quality with modern and fashionable design.

Expressive colours and fancy designs are eye-catching while innovative materials and technologies ensure full safety of Coolslide products.


Huari is a dynamic sports brand with a comprehensive range of product dedicated to team sports enthusiasts.

Following the „never give up” idea, Huari products and brand idea motivate you and constantly remind of the work that needs to be done in order to achive greatness in team sports.


The brand is offering sports products for the entire family. Its collections are designed for those who love active living and practice majority of outdoor and indoor sports, such as: running, cycling, trekking, Nordic walking, winter sports, swimming, or fitness.

The greatest asset of Martes brand are attractive prices which do not compromise quality parameters appreciated by active users. Consequently, the brand has become a healthy-living ambassador providing reliable evidence that everyone can afford quality, comfortable and durable products.

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